Key Lock

 Why does Bear Safe use key locks?

While combination locks have been tested and proven, they guarantee you one outcome:  repair cost.  Combinations are built to fail.  They are made from cast aluminum, brass and plastic (See picture to your right).  If you drill, beat or prod the combination lock in the wrong spot, it is designed to break.  When the lock breaks, a 3/8 or ½ inch hardened steel pin (Relocker) slides into the bolt system and secures the safe.  However, it now has to be opened by a locksmith, costing the owner a significant sum.

 Bear Safes® use a key lock system.  We use an American made 2000 Series slug, with an American 2010 Series puck lock that is made from solid steel, milled, tempered and stainless coated.  The lock is welded to the door and covered with a 3/16 steel protective cover.  In over 30 years and hundreds of attacks, we have never had a safe forced open nor have we had to repair a safe due to an attempted break-in.  

The following picture demonstrates the minimal exposure of our lock system,  the ultimate in protection.  It  is very difficult for an attacker to access. 

 Summary: Both the combination lock and the key lock work, but one requires repair cost and the other doesn’t.  Bear Safes® uses the reliable key lock system to save customers money.  Call Us:   405-949-0222

















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